Personal - How Can I Improve the Music at Church?

How can I improve the music at church?Parish music ministry can be a minefield, an experience of joy and challenge. It’s generally a volunteer ministry in the Australian context, and so as a general rule, the generosity of people is relied upon to provide music to accompany the liturgical celebration.

Formation - Vision for Liturgical Music Ministry

Vision for Liturgical Music MinistryOur vision for the Diocese of Wollongong is that every community will actively participate in singing the principal parts meant to be sung at Mass. Each Mass will have a music coordinator, and every parish and school will have a music director, music administrator and one or more voice trainers. Such a model of music ministry requires a comprehensive support infrastructure, providing music ministry formation, training, Certificate Level education, support, PD in-service, scholarships, artist-in-residence programs, repertoire guidance, and musical instrument consultancy.

Personal - An Apostle to One, an Apostle to All…

An Apostle to One, an Apostle to All…With the flame of the Easter candle extinguished for the year, I slip in to the ordinary times of the Liturgical calendar, feeling renewed, bolstered by the ritual reminders of Jesus’ love and sacrifice; comforted and held by the clear sense of Church community that we experienced through the solemn ceremonies of Holy week, and the triumphant soaring of the heart on Easter Sunday. And yet a niggle persists, zapping some life out of an otherwise wonderful Season, as I am reminded that the perspective of faith presented to us is essentially all male…

Formation - ACU Centre for Liturgy

ACU Centre for LiturgySituated within the Australian Catholic University, the ACU Centre for Liturgy aims to support and strengthen the liturgical life of the Australian Catholic Church through tertiary education, research, scholarship and pastoral formation. The ACU Centre for Liturgy has the endorsement of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

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