Disaster Movie

Starring Carmen Electra, Vanessa Minnillo. Directed by Jason Friedberg, and Aaron Seltzer.
Running Time: 87 mins
Rated: Rated M (coarse language, crude humour and violence)

This time one must agree with the severe and/or the humourless critics. This is not a funny movie.

For several years there have been spoofs of most of the popular genres, some of them made by the present team. Although there were, at times, jokes in execrable taste, there were still some amusing lines, some laugh-making parodies and some clever moments of spoof. There have been Scary Movies, Date Movies, Epic Movies, Superhero Movies and Meet the Spartans,

This short spoof is very up-to-date, even sending up some of the 2008 summer movies as soon as they have reached screens around the world, including Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Hellboy, Get Smart and Sex and the City. There is a long section on Amy Winehouse.

About the cleverest bit was the performance of the comedian who was taking off Ellen Page as Juno. Some of her lines were good and she delivered them in a successful impersonation of Juno.

All in all, a cheap and ineffective quickie which could have been funny given the wide range of films that it took on (and took off).

Icon Out October 2

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