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Starring Keira Knighley, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, and Hayley Atwell. Directed by Saul Dibb.
Running Time: 110 mins
Rated: Rated M (mature themes and sex scene)
This movie depicts a period of history that has more than passing relevance to the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Based on an award winning biography by Armanda Foreman, titled "Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire,' it is about an 18th Century beautiful aristocrat, Georgina Cavendish, who was in fact the great-great-great-great aunt of Princess Diana. One might think it is a little risky for Keira Knightley to play the role of Britain's own Diana. Both women married young, were thrust into the public limelight too early, and won the hearts of their people whilst looking for affection and love from those around them; both became fashion icons, shrewd operators, and darlings of the public eye.

This is an English production of sumptuous elegance and studied richness where not a candle, tapestry, or bouffant-hairstyle is out of place. The settings and clothes are glorious to look at and the film is Oscar-nomination material in the category of wardrobe design. Georgina is married by her ambitious mother (played particularly well by Charlotte Rampling) to the wealthy and influential Duke of Devonshire (played by Ralph Fiennes) who is interested only in the production of a male heir in a marriage in which love was never intended. The Duke has an affair with one of the Duchess's best friends, ably played by Hayley Atwell. Fiennes brings to his role a touch of dourness and eccentricity, but instils it with clever theatricality.

For Georgina, there is relatively little character development from the uncomplicated world of the na

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