Irena Palm

Starring Logan Browning, Jarel Parrish and Nathalia Ramos. Directed by McNamara
Running Time: 97 minutes
Rated: Rated G


Or awesome, as these girls say - but really only awesome for the easily and quickly awed.

This is not a film for anyone over 15 to review, especially reviewers who have been reviewing for a long time, those in the old fogey category. In asking the opinion of some of these reviewers for whom they thought the film was made, they thought it was for 12 year old girls and under (though 12s might be becoming too demanding) - as it offered some role models and images of what they might be aspiring to in a cash and credit card handy consumer society.

More effective was Googling the Wickipedia entry on Bratz. The Bratz website was out of my reach since my Adobe Flash Player was out of date. If you go to Wickpedia, because you are not familiar with Bratz, you will find that the Bratz dolls were launched in 2001 with four characters who are at the centre of the film. Apparently, there have been lots of others but Yasmin, Jade, Cloe and Sasha are the original four. I didn't find Meredith who is the arch villain, a completely self-centred 16 year old who sees herself as the most glamorous teenager on earth and makes life hell for the others.

The Bratz are the most popular dolls in the UK, for instance.

The film, by way of comment rather than review, looks as if it has taken over a lot of the plot of Mean Girls: the cliques at school, the boys, the meanest of the girls, the put-on-a-show, the comeuppance

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