In the Land of Women

IN THE LAND OF WOMEN. Starring Adam Brody amd Kelsey Keel. Directed by Jon Kasdan. 98 minutes.
Running Time:
Rated: Rated M (infrequent moderate coarse language).

The title sounds far too solemn and serious for the actual film. It is about the land of women, both geographical in a small suburban setting as well as psychological in families and neighbours.

Adam Brody portrays a young screenwriter (who writes softcore pornography as well as children's stories) who is dismayed when he is dumped by his film star girlfriend. He takes refuge at his grandmother's house - as played (as usual) by Olympia Dukakis, she is a comic blend of death wish, offhand humour and worldly wisdom. However, it is the women in the neighbouring house who have an effect on him.

He first comes across the teenage daughter of the house (Kristen Stewart) and her precocious younger sister. He serves as something of a sounding board for them while being caught up in their home and school problems. Then he meets their mother, Meg Ryan, who is upset by her husband's infidelity, her inability to communicate with her daughter, her regrets concerning the life she might have led in New York. This is complicated by a diagnosis of breast cancer and her chemotherapy and hospitalisation.

There is nothing particularly new here. What holds the interest is the dialogue and the working out of the tensions among the characters. The film is a first for writer director, Jon Kasdan (son of director Lawrence Kasdan and brother of Jake Kasdan).

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