The Notebook

Starring Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams. Directed by Nick Cassavetes.
Running Time: 124 mins
Rated: Rated PG
Ifever there was a big-budget Hollywood feature that proved that you can make a movie today just as they used to, it is The Notebook. It is lush and romantic, pretty as many pictures, its heart beating on its sleeve. Not a film for the cynics.

Based on a bestseller by Nicholas Sparks, it begins in the present with an old man reading a story from a notebook to an old lady in a home for the elderly. It is James Garner reading to Gena Rowlands (mother of the director, Nick Cassavetes). The woman is afraid, disturbed and suffering from dementia. But she listens attentively to what she says is a good story.

Then we see the story, coming back to the present every so often. It is the 1940s in the American south. Summer and holidays. Noah, who works in a lumber mill and has very few prospects, is attracted to Allie, a vivacious young girl from a wealthy family who is on holidays. They fall in love, they

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