Britney Spears, Anson Mount, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning. Directed by Tamra Davis.
Running Time:
Rated: MA 15+
Whether we like her or not, Britney Spears is one of the most successful pop singers in the world. This is her first film and it's what is shamelessly called a 'star vehicle', filling cinemas with those who already have made Britney a CD multi-millionaire.

Lucy (Spears), Kit (Saldana) and Mimi (Manning) were childhood friends. After graduation from High School they meet up again and decide to hit the road to LA. Lucy wants to meet the mother she's never known. Her mother now lives in Arizona. Kit wants to check on her fiancé at UCLA. The pregnant Mimi wants to sing in a Californian talent quest that promises fame and fortune. Ben (Anson) is driving to LA to get away from his past. The girls hitch a ride, and so a road film is born.

There is nothing especially interesting, innovative or stimulating about Crossroads. It just serves its purpose, to present Britney as a star on a another stage and to promote her new CD.

Britney can act and in a few of the more touching scenes she is quite convincing. But she hardly looks and acts 17. The preview audience of 13-year-old girls and 40-year-old man had already bought the CD and sang along with the film. So I guess Crossroads is going to make a packet of money for everyone concerned.

The values of this film are all over the place with the quest for Lucy's mother being transferred to Ben, her first-time lover. Crossroads mistakes sex for love again, but Britney keeps on singing, which is what this show is all about. If your children or grandchildren want to go be assured that it could be worse, much worse.

Richard Leonard SJ

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