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The Catholic Church in Australia has proven herself to be a leader in social-networking, and this year, as a gift to the Catholic community, the Bishops Conference Communications Office has developed an eBook “Word Made Flesh and Shared Among Us”. Test

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The book contains heartfelt testimonies from Australian Catholic media professionals from around the country who have used social media in creative and unique ways to bring about the message of Christ.

From graphic designers who create images and “memes” which attract thousands of “shares” and “likes”; to bloggers who reflect generously on the spirit of God in their lives; videographers who create engaging content for YouTube; to those who use Twitter and Facebook to communicate across fields of media, youth ministry, education and academia.

Each contribution to this eBook is a specific example of those who, often unconsciously have become online missionaries, spreading the Gospel in the new “Areopagus” (public square) that is now something of a digital continent. Like the Holy Father says in his World Communications Day Message: “In social networks, believers show their authenticity by sharing the profound source of their hope and joy: faith in the merciful and loving God revealed in Christ Jesus”.

An ePub Version can be downloaded directly to Apple and Android devices.

A Kindle Version can be purchased from Amazon. This small cost covers the dowload fees from Amazon.

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*** For users that do not have a handheld device, the following page at geniusgeeks.com contains a number of epub readers for both PC and Mac: Protracted Collection of Best ePub Reader ***


A PDF Version of the eBook is also available 


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