At Home with God’s People. Our Catholic Faith

At Home with God’s People.  Our Catholic FaithEvangelisation Brisbane, Archdiocese of Brisbane. 2106. 240 pages.

From the very practical Introduction to the last prayer, this book is a “must have” addition to the kit of those seeking the Catholic Faith and those supporting that journey through the Right of Christian Initiation of Adults. (RCIA) It is also an invaluable resource for Sacramental Teams and for those wishing to deepen their understanding of the Catholic Church Teachings and Tradition.

Each of the twenty five chapters commences with prompts to Reflect, Listen, Pray and Worship and concludes with the sections, Read, Share, Pray and Research. The central section of each chapter focuses on breaking open the teaching of the subject of each chapter. The strength of this central section lies in its capacity to reach a range of readers from catechumen to catechist. Teachings covered include In Search of God, Prayer, the Bible, the Sacraments, Moral Life and Social Justice. All teachings are strongly grounded in Biblical references, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Vatican II documents and the writings of recent Popes.

The visual literacy of the book is a powerful adjunct for the reader. Text is interspersed with beautiful and relevant photography, highlighted text boxes and use of gentle colour. There is a regular pattern within each chapter that is soothing and inspiring.

The sage advice about being “open, attentive, respectful, careful, prayerful and punctual!” provided to the reader in the Introduction is most pertinent for the Parish RCIA Team. Additionally, the reader is cautioned to be respectful of “individual pastoral requirements.”

At Home with God’s People stands alone as a source of help for ‘the people of God.’ However, it is supported by an excellent web site, Access is user-friendly and directly related to the book. It contains suggested web sites, books and audio-visual material suitable for further research or reading. The Catechists Handbook (2005) can also be downloaded from that site.

The Archdiocese of Brisbane Evangelisation Team is to be commended for the creation of At Home with God’s People. The product of their endeavours will bear many blessings.

Book Review by Christine O’Halloran, Member of the Australian Catholic Council for Lay Pastoral Ministry and an RCIA Catechist at Holy Spirit Church, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

(First published in 1990, text revised in 2010 and revised edition in 2016.)


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