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pdf A Chair in the Temple: Kris Hembury Popular

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Download (pdf, 224 KB)

A Chair in the Temple 37.pdf

pdf A Template for the Celebration of Mass With Baptism Popular

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Download (pdf, 24 KB)

Baptism in Mass for children with special needsdoc.pdf

pdf ACBC Sacramental Guidelines 2016 Popular

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Download (pdf, 269 KB)


pdf Baptism Circle Worksheet Popular

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Download (pdf, 115 KB)

Baptism - circle worksheet.pdf

pdf Baptism Colouring Popular

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Download (pdf, 99 KB)

Baptism colouring.pdf

pdf Baptism Programme Popular

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Download (pdf, 402 KB)

Baptism Programme.pdf

pdf Baptism Workbook Popular

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Download (pdf, 952 KB)

Baptism workbook. f.pdf

pdf Barbequed Breakfast in Widget Popular

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Download (pdf, 904 KB)

Barbequed breakfast.pdf

pdf Blank Template Reconciliation Sheet Popular

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Download (pdf, 45 KB)

Blank Template Reconciliation sheet .pdf

pdf Catholic Funeral Mass Template Popular

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Download (pdf, 324 KB)

Catholic Funeral Mass Template.pdf

pdf Chris Van Ingen's Personal Spiritual Journey: Chris Van Ingen Popular

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Download (pdf, 285 KB)

Chris Van Ingen spiritual journey 78.pdf

pdf Clsoing prayer session2 Popular

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Download (pdf, 132 KB)

clsoing prayer session2.pdf

pdf Confirmation checklist planner Popular

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Download (pdf, 143 KB)


pdf Diocesan Sacramental Policies Popular

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Download (pdf, 40 KB)

Sacramental Policy in Dioceses.pdf

pdf Eucharistic Programme for students with intellectual disability Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.50 MB)

Eucharist Programme.pdf

pdf Examination of Conscience Popular

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Download (pdf, 520 KB)

Examination of Conscience.pdf

pdf Examination of conscience - words Popular

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Download (pdf, 20 KB)


pdf Examination of Conscience in Pictures © Tools to Talk Scope Popular

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Download (pdf, 552 KB)

Examination of Concsience (Sample) - Pictures.pdf

pdf First Eucharist Booklet – Adapted Mass with instructions Popular

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Download (pdf, 107 KB)

First Eucharist booklet FINAL 2016.pdf

pdf Funeral Liturgy Popular

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Download (pdf, 789 KB)

Funeral Liturgy.pdf

pdf Funeral Service for an Inclusive Community Popular

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Download (pdf, 256 KB)


pdf Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Photo symbols Popular

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Download (pdf, 392 KB)

gifts of the holy Spirit - photosymbols.pdf

pdf Gifts of the Holy Spirit in pictures Popular

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Download (pdf, 290 KB)

Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Pictures).pdf

pdf Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Widget booklet Popular

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Download (pdf, 362 KB)

Gifts -single.pdf

pdf Grief and Children with Special Needs Popular

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Download (pdf, 215 KB)

Grief and Children with Special Needs.pdf

pdf I have a story Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.47 MB)

ACBC Disability_I have a story.pdf

pdf Individualised Religious Education Programme Form Popular

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Download (pdf, 305 KB)

Individualized Religious Education Program Form.pdf

pdf Luke’s Story: Ann O’Brien Popular

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Download (pdf, 62 KB)

Luke's story 47.pdf

pdf Music Suggestions for Sacraments and Liturgies Popular

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Download (pdf, 341 KB)

Music Suggestions for Sacraments and Liturgies.pdf

pdf Our Prayer Time Popular

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Download (pdf, 170 KB)

Our Prayer Time .pdf

pdf Parent Information Template Popular

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Download (pdf, 976 KB)

Parent information booklet draft .pdf

pdf Praise the Lord – Psalm in Widget Popular

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Download (pdf, 248 KB)

praise the lord psalm 148 - revised.pdf

pdf Prayer session 2 Popular

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Download (pdf, 121 KB)

Prayer session2.pdf

pdf Prayer session 3 Popular

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Download (pdf, 104 KB)

prayer session 3.pdf

pdf Prayer session4 Popular

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Download (pdf, 294 KB)

prayer session4.pdf

pdf Prayer time for family – Confirmation Popular

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Download (pdf, 668 KB)

Prayertime web.pdf

pdf Receiving Jesus in the Eucharist: A social story with pictures Popular

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Download (pdf, 241 KB)

Receiving Eucharist.pdf

Use as a template for your student.

pdf Reconciliation Guide Popular

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Download (pdf, 276 KB)

Reconciliation Guide.pdf

pdf Reconciliation Guide for children and young adults Popular

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Download (pdf, 59 KB)

RECONCILIATION Guidance sheet.pdf

pdf Reconciliation program for children with moderate/severe intellectual disability Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.14 MB)

Reconciliation Program - St Lucy's.pdf

pdf Reconciliation Sample Words Popular

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Download (pdf, 529 KB)

Reconciliation Sample Words.pdf

pdf Rejoice with Me – Reconciliation Liturgy for older students Popular

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Download (pdf, 692 KB)

Rejoice with me - Reconciliation liturgy for older students.pdf

pdf Rite of Committal at a Cemetery Popular

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Download (pdf, 68 KB)

Rite of Committal at a Cemetery.pdf

pdf Sample images for Good/Bad choices Popular

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Download (pdf, 869 KB)

Sample Images for Good Choice.pdf

pdf St Lucy's Reconciliation Prayer Popular

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Download (pdf, 234 KB)

St Lucy.Reconciliation Prayerdocx.pdf

pdf St Lucy’s Creed in Picture Format. (Tools2Talk) Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.16 MB)

Creed1 (002).pdf

pdf St Lucy’s Eucharist Programme for children with intellectual disability Popular

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Download (pdf, 424 KB)

First Eucharist Program.pdf

pdf Symbols of Baptism Popular

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Download (pdf, 102 KB)

Symbols of Baptism.pdf

pdf Template 1 Reconciliation (in pictures) Popular

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Download (pdf, 214 KB)

Reconciliation Picture Templatev.pdf

pdf Template 3 : Reconciliation in pictures Popular

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Download (pdf, 166 KB)

Template 3 Reconciliation in pictures.pdf

pdf Template for Letter for Reconciliation Popular

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Download (pdf, 371 KB)

Reconciliation - Template Letter home.pdf

pdf Template for Reconciliation Choices Tick Chart Popular

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Download (pdf, 149 KB)

reconciliation choices tickchart.pdf

pdf The Lord be with you Popular

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Download (pdf, 26 KB)

The Lord be with you.pdf

pdf The Sacrament of Reconciliation Popular

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Download (pdf, 270 KB)

Reconciliation Liturgy (Sample).pdf

pdf Tip Sheets Popular

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pdf Use this template and adapt for the student Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.71 MB)

Reconciliation workbook Sample .pdf

pdf Visual Schedules Popular

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Download (pdf, 144 KB)

Visual Schedules.pdf

pdf Wedding Bells: Amy Rossbach Popular

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Download (pdf, 109 KB)


pdf When a person with intellectual disability grieves Popular

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Download (pdf, 46 KB)

When persons with intellectual disabilities grieve 0410_0.pdf

pdf Worksheet on feelings: What makes you happy? Popular

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Download (pdf, 30 KB)

What makes you happy.pdf

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