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The bridge of participationIt’s been almost 7 months since I began my role as Executive Assistant for the Plenary Council 2020, and in that time I have had some of the most life giving conversations of my life with lay pastoral workers from all different areas of our country who, in their diversity, are united in their hope for a better future for our Church.  

When the Final Report of the Listening and Dialogue stage of the journey towards the Plenary Council was released, I, personally, was particularly interested the voices of participants who had shared their desires for greater co-leadership between the laity and the clergy, and more opportunities for leadership and support for lay leaders.

In the space of the Plenary Council planning, these are all things I am very grateful to witness regularly, as it is the clergy and lay members of the Plenary Council Local Coordinators Network that are working together in their diocese to support the work of the Plenary Council by being the bridge of participation, representation and support for their communities.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work in a space that sees first-hand the strength and perseverance of lay pastoral workers, and I look forward to seeing how our roles as lay leaders are enhanced with our own discernment of what God is calling us to. 

By Olivia Lee



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