Holy See’s World Day of Prayer (1 September) and Season of Creation (1 September – 4 October)


Over the past several years, the Bishops Commission for Liturgy and the National Liturgical Council have been in dialogue with Rev. Dr Charles Rue, SSC at the Columban Mission Institute in Sydney about ways to provide the Catholic Church in Australia with resources to raise awareness of and to foster solidarity with the Holy See’s World Day of Prayer for Creation (1 September) and the Season of Creation (1 September – 4 October) and that have been promoted by Pope Francis, particularly via his Encyclical Laudato si (24 May 2015), and more recently by the Holy See’s Dicastery for Promotion of Integral Human Development (PIHD).

The Commission and Council are very grateful to Fr Rue for the provision of the 7 Days Creation Retreat and Dr Jenny O’Brien (National Liturgical Council Consultant and Executive Secretary of the Diocesan Liturgical Commission and Coordinator of the Office for Worship in Adelaide) for compiling the listing of hymns with ecological themes. In addition, grateful acknowledgment is made of the valued collaboration with Ms Amy Echeverria in Washington, DC for the various website links to helpful resources. Amy serves as the Columban International JPIC Coordinator and the founding Board President of the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM). Amy also serves on the Vatican COVID 19 Taskforce in the Ecology Working Group led by Fr. Joshtrum Kureethadam of the Dicastery for PIHD and is co-founder of LISTEN, an emerging global network of universities working to advance Laudato Si'.


7 Days Creation Retreat Prior to 1 September
List of Ecology Hymns
Catholic Earthcare NSW (ideas)

Various Websites for Resources as below

World Day of Prayer (1 Sept) & Season for Creation (1 Sept – 4 Oct, 2020)

Sept 1: Creation Day (Holy Hour)
Week 1: Throwaway Culture (MorningPrayer)
Week 2: Climate Change (EveningPrayer)
Week 3: Celebrating with Sister Water (Paraliturgy)
Week 4: Ecological Way of the Cross with Pope John Paul II
Oct 4: Kinship with Creation (Evening Prayer)

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