Mandate of the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education

26th October 2006


Jesus said: “Go, teach all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. Matt 28:19

1. Membership and Meetings
       1.1 The Commission shall comprise four bishops as determined by the Conference
       by laws
       1.2 The Commission shall meet at least twice each year at a time and place that the
       members determine. Use will be made of video or teleconference facilities when the
       agenda or circumstances warrants

2. Areas of Responsibility
    The Commission promotes the life and mission of the Catholic Church in
    Australia in the following areas:

2.1 Catholic school primary and secondary education
2.2 The religious education of the school aged people who are not attending Catholic schools
2.3 Catholic higher education

3. Particular Function
    In particular, the Commission performs the following functions:

3.1 The Commission monitors the activity of the Church and its agencies through membership of the National Catholic Education Commission, the Executive of the NCEC and the NCEC Religious Education Committee.

3.2 The Commission, as approved or requested by the Conference, develops national policies in specific areas of its responsibility normally through the National Catholic Education Commission

3.3 The Commission, in accordance with Conference policy, undertakes public and private advocacy in support of:

3.3.1 Catholic schools
3.3.2 Catholic school-aged young people not attending Catholic schools
3.3.3 the Catholic tertiary education sector

3.4 The Commission undertakes such specific projects as the Conference may from time to time approve or request

4. Advisory Role
The Commission advises the Bishops and the Conference on issues that arise in the
    areas of its responsibility and, where appropriate, makes recommendations for action
    that might be undertaken at a national level

5. Advisory Bodies
The Commission establishes, in accordance with the mandate(s) in Schedule 1, the
    following advisory body to assist it in its responsibilities:

5.1 The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC)

6. Relations
6.1 The Commission, through the National Catholic Education Commission,
        maintains a complex set of formal relations with:

6.1.1 The Australian Government Minister for Education
6.1.2 The Shadow Minister for Education and those responsible for the Education portfolio in other political parties
6.1.3 The Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, and relevant Committees
6.1.4 The Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood and its relevant committees
6.1.5 The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

       6.2 The Commission, through the National Catholic Education Commission,
       maintains informal relations with: 

6.2.1 Other agencies of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
6.2.2 The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA)
6.2.3 Appropriate bodies representing Catholic School parents
6.2.4 The Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER)
6.2.5 The Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership

7. Offices
The Commission supervises the work of the following offices in accordance with the
    mandates detailed in Schedule 2.

7.1 The National Catholic Education Commission

8. Secretariat
    The Secretariat for the National Catholic Education Commission assists the
    Commission in fulfilling its tasks

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