Mandate of the Bishops Commission for Administration and Information


[Bishops] should demonstrate that worldly things and human institutions are ordered, according to the plan of God the Creator, towards the salvation of men and women, and that they can therefore make no small contribution to the building up of the Body of Christ. (Christus Dominus n.12)Let Christians follow the example of Christ who worked as a craftsman; let them be proud of the opportunity to carry out their earthly activity in such a way as to integrate human, domestic, professional, scientific and technical enterprises with religious values, under whose supreme directions all things are ordered to the glory of God. (Gaudium et Spes n. 43)

1. Membership and Meetings

1.1 The Commission shall comprise four (4) bishops as determined by the by-laws of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
1.2 The Commission shall meet at least twice each year at such times as will enable it to consider the draft annual financial reports and the draft annual budget proposals. Use will be made of audio and video conference facilities when the agenda or circumstances warrant

2. Areas of Responsibility
    The Commission promotes the life and mission of the Catholic Church in Australia in 
    the following areas:

2.1 The supervision of the finances of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference as administered by the Business Manager
2.2 The provision of information on the structure and activities of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference through suitable publications and especially the Internet
2.3 Research into pastoral issues and provision of data on aspects of church life
2.4 The conditions of employment of employees of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
2.5 Advising the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference on national policy issues involving the administration of temporal goods
2.6 Preparation, research, co-ordination and issuing of public and media statements and submissions to Government (in conjunction with the relevant Bishops Commission or Office)

3. Particular Functions
In particular, the Commission performs the following functions:

3.1 The Commission keeps informed of the activity of the Church and its agencies in the following areas:
3.1.1 The management of the various corporate entities of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, namely: The Australian Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic Church; Catholic Network Australia; Catholic Resources Limited; Catholic Resources Trust; and CDPF Limited
3.1.2 Supervising the Pastoral Research Office 
3.1.3 Supervising the Communications Office, Office for Employment Relations and Research Directorate
3.1.4 Oversight of the administration of the Australian Lay Missionary Gratuity and Loan Funds as administered by the Business Manager

3.2 The Commission, as approved or requested by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, develops national policies in specific areas of its responsibility

3.3 The Commission undertakes public and private advocacy in support of:
3.3.1 Matters relating to the Church’s administration of temporal goods including areas of charity and tax law that relate to the Church’s activities

3.4 The Commission undertakes such specific projects as the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference may from time to time approve or request

3.5 The Commission will designate a member bishop to act as its delegate in the following areas:
3.5.1 Employment Relations
3.5.2 Pastoral Research

4. Advisory Role
The Commission advises the Bishops and the Australian Catholic Bishops
    Conference on issues that arise in the areas of its responsibility and, where
    appropriate, makes recommendations for action that might be undertaken at
    a national level

5. Advisory Bodies
The Commission establishes, in accordance with the mandate(s) in Schedule 1, the
    following advisory bodies to assist it in its responsibilities:

5.1 Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations
5.2 Australian Catholic Council for Pastoral Research
5.3 Finance Council

6. Relations

6.1 The Commission maintains formal relations with:
6.1.1 National Church Life Survey
6.1.2 Australian Taxation Office Charities Consultative Committee

6.2 The Commission maintains informal relations with:
6.2.1 Diocesan Financial Administrators
6.2.2 Catholic Development Fund Managers
6.2.3 National Pastoral Planners Network

7. Offices
The Commission supervises the work of the following offices in accordance with the
    mandates detailed in Schedule 2

7.1 Catholic Resources Trust
7.2 Communications Office
7.3 Office for Employment Relations
7.4 Pastoral Research Office
7.5 Research Directorate

8. Secretariat
The General Secretariat assists the Commission in fulfilling its tasks

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