Born to Fly: A Handbook for Butterflies-in-waiting

Born to Fly: A Handbook for Butterflies-in-waitingMargaret Silf

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Margaret Silf’s latest book is ‘twee’ because she uses the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly to provide a scaffold for this exploration and thus covers the book with lots of butterflies! Margaret, who has written more than twenty spiritual books, is a genuine spiritual explorer. In this book she invites the reader to travel with her as she grapples with ‘the travail’ that is evident in society, nations and in our relationship with the planet.

All Seasons for All Reasons

All Seasons for All ReasonsAll Seasons for All Reasons is a simple and encouraging book by Fr James Martin SJ. Just eighty pages long this booklet is a collection of monthly columns originally published in “Give Us This Day” a monthly publication centred on the Word of God.

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