Why Bother Praying by Richard Leonard SJ, Paulist Press

Why Bother Praying by Richard Leonard SJ, Paulist PressThe preparations for the 2020 Plenary Council are well in hand.  The phase has seen an invitation extended to all Catholics in Australia to come together in Small Groups to dialogue about the future Australian Catholic Church.  Nevertheless, these conversations are to be grounded in the guidance of the Holy Spirit through deep personal and communal prayer and reflection.

The Plenary 2020 Planning Team has provided an inspiring prayer to assist everyone in preparing their contributions for the Small Groups or for submitting their views on-line as individuals.

Sharing the Word

Sharing the WordHow good is your theological library? Buying books is expensive! Google searches can turn up unreliable sources!

Perhaps you would find this elibrary helpful. It was developed especially for theology students and pastoral workers in developing nations who have limited access to theological libraries.

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