Active Participation

Active ParticipationThe Second Vatican Council called for a theological and liturgical renewal emphasizing the Church as communion rather than institution. The Council called for a vision of the Church as Sacramental rather than juridical …… This entails a fundamental change in the understanding of how sacred and secular realms relate to one another. It calls the laity out of passivity into active participation in the ministry of the Church, a call inherent in their baptism and in the example of Jesus of Nazareth. (In the Name of the Church: William J. Cahoy p. ix)

Discipleship is a Call

ReflectionThe church is a community of Christ’s disciples……..Missionary discipleship is a call from God for today’s busy and complicated world, a ‘constant setting out’ with Jesus in order to know how and where the Master lives.

Pope Francis, 7th September 2017

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