The Call to Ministry

The Call to MinistryThe most significant shift in Vatican II with regard to the apostolate was not the idea that the laity could join in it. Instead the most significant shift was the Council’s recognition that the apostolate of the laity comes not from the hierarchy but from Christ himself.

Cahoy W. In the name of the church. Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical Press; 2012. p. 43.

Cultivating Discipleship

Cultivating DiscipleshipOur problem is not that there is a shortage of vocations but that we do not have the support systems and leadership in place to foster the vast majority of the vocations that God has given us. Most fundamentally, when we fail to call our own to discipleship, we are unwittingly pushing away the vast majority of the vocations God has given us. (p. 81)

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