Encourage Transformation

Encourage transformationLet us learn to rest in the tenderness of the arms of the Father amid our creative and generous commitment. Let us keep marching forward: let us give him everything, allowing him to make our efforts bear fruit in his good time.

p.30 Australian Catholic Council for Lay Pastoral Ministry. (2018). Faithful Stewards of God's Grace. Parramatta: Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Each member contributes

Each member contributesThe unity in diversity of Christ’s body means that the Church can be ‘likened to an “organic” communion’, or ‘a living and functioning body.’ This body is characterised by ‘a diversity and a complementarity of vocations and states in life, of ministries, of charisms and responsibilities.’ Such diversity and complementarity enriches the life of the Church, whereby each member is enabled to make a valuable contribution, according to the gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit.

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