Personal - Keeping our P-Plates in Ministry

PersonalBy Richard McMahon

My daughter recently passed the Driver Knowledge Test, receiving her L-Plates and a log book. My free time each evening currently consists of nervously occupying the passenger’s seat of the family car, maintaining a calm veneer, and offering pearls of wisdom and affirmation as she slowly accustoms herself to the experience and rules of the mysterious world of motoring. One hundred and twenty hours of guided driving later, in a range of conditions including night-time, rain, sealed and unsealed roads and heavy traffic conditions, she will undergo an independent driving test to assess her readiness to gain her provisional licence. 

Formation - Lenten Resources

Formation - Lenten ResourcesThe Season of Lent provides us with a ‘bootcamp’ like opportunity to move our spiritual lives back into the healthy zone again. To help us through the six weeks there are numerous resources to guide us. Below you will find quality Australian and international programs. Many are ideal for group reflection but all are terrific soul food for the journey to Easter.


NetworkCelebrating the Sacramental Life from Birth to Death: Guidelines for Celebrating Sacraments with People with Disability are now available through the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference online shop.

The purpose of the guidelines is to address the concerns raised by clergy, pastoral ministers, other concerned Catholics, people with disability, their advocates and their families for greater consistency in pastoral practice in the celebration of the sacraments throughout Australia.


PersonalBy Peter Day originally published in The Swag, Vol. 24 No. 3

You are loved, you are beauty

Australia's Christian churches are in crisis, on the brink of complete strategic irrelevance. It's not clear they recognise the mortal depth of their problems. (Greg Sheridan, The Weekend Australian, June 4-5, 2016)

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