Personal - Reflection on Vine and Branches – Yearning to Belong Conference

Reflection on Vine and Branches – Yearning to Belong ConferenceCarole Danby, Archdiocese of Brisbane

When I first read the list of Presenters and themes for this conference, I was keen to attend and hear for myself the wisdom of such diverse speakers as Dr Maeve Heaney, Hugh McKay, Dr Richard Gaillardetz, Geraldine Doogue and Brisbane’s Archbishop Mark Coleridge and was eager to attend the workshops on offer from people such as Fr Kevin Lenehan.  I was not disappointed!

Formation - Vatican II – Fifty Years On

Vatican II – Fifty Years OnIt is now over 50 years since the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) closed its doors, having promulgated its weighty documents.  In recent times, various commentators, including Dr. Richard R. Gaillardetz, Dr. Max Vodola, Christopher Lamb and Fr. Frank Maloney SDB, have written and spoken about the time that has passed since the conclusion of Vatican II and the impact that its deliberations has had on our Catholic living and lives. But they have also remarked that history tells us that the insights and decisions of any Church Council can take up to 100 years to completely filter through all the layers of our Church life. With that in mind, we all have another 50 years to work on this challenge!

Network - Vine and Branches

Network - Plenary Council 2020Were you able to attend National Conference, “Vine and Branches - Yearning to Belong”? It was a wonderful gathering of pastoral ministers from across Australia with an especially strong contribution from the pastoral associations from the Melbourne Archdiocese.

In a delightfully generous gesture, the keynote speakers have given permission for their presentations to be recorded and made available.

Personal - Beyond flowers and feather dusters

Personal - Beyond flowers and feather dustersOn Saturday I had the pleasure of joining with women of the Wagga Wagga Diocese for a Spirituality Day. The opening address was challenging. Sr Megan Brock overviewed some of the limited and limiting understandings of women expressed by influential male theologians, doctors, scientists through history. For example, Martin Luther, “If a woman becomes weary and at last dead from (child) bearing, that matters not; let her only die from bearing, she is there to do it.”

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