Formation - Alternative Models of Parish Leadership

Alternative Models of Parish LeadershipIn the Second World War, Germany contended with both the Western Allies and the Soviet Union and lost. Conventional wisdom warns against fighting an enemy on two fronts. So what happens when priests in parishes of the Roman Catholic Church in Australia become similarly beleaguered?

Network - Pastoral Leadership – Gleanings from the Trenches

Pastoral Leadership – Gleanings from the TrenchesEffective leadership is one of the vital ingredients for anyone involved in lay pastoral ministry. I offer these recent reflections emerging from my own ministry.

Personal - Shopping Centre Ministry

Personal - Shopping Centre Ministry“Sometimes I just sit down in the shopping centre and wait. It doesn’t take long for someone to start to speak with me.” That is how Marie describes her simple approach to ministry. “I just listen”.

Marie lives in a regional city and she loves its people. They are her people. Although she did grow up in this region, it is more than that. She has a heart for these people. She is open hearted and open minded as she listens to stories of family crisis, loneliness, illness and stories of joy and gratitude. “It keeps me grounded” she says, “Can you see me off somewhere with my head in the clouds?”

Formation - Practical Plenary Process Published

Formation - Practical Plenary Process PublishedThe avenues for contributing to the Plenary 2020, the highest possible formal gathering of the Church in Australia, with the power to make changes to its legislation and governance process, are clear and accessible.

The website is the go-to-location for information and resources, offering a structure for a group to cooperate on a submission to Plenary 2020 and an option for individual contributions. The entire process is framed to gather responses to the question, What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

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