Personal - My Easter Gift

My Easter GiftOne Easter, many years ago, God sent me a present although I did not immediately recognise it as a gift. It came in the form of a family- a father, three children aged four, two and one and a mother who was eight months pregnant. The gift came on Holy Thursday night and I was very reluctant to accept it.

Formation - Parish Renewal: Headache or Heartbeat?

Parish Renewal: Headache or Heartbeat?Yet another sobering report circulates at the parish meeting. Income is shrinking, the population is ageing, ministries are harder to fill and mass attendance is declining. Sound familiar?

What is our response? At one level: weary acceptance. We lost the battle of Mass attendance years ago. Generations of Catholics now have very little connection to their faith. We compete amid a plethora of options, jostling to be heard amid glossy brochures and slick, upbeat services. Even those calling themselves Catholic generally do not find any value in participating in Sunday worship. Then there is the suffering and betrayal caused by the institutional failings of the Church in response to child sexual abuse.

Network - Our Protective Plants...’From Little Things, Big Things Grow’

network sIn preparation for Child Protection Sunday, Sally Wellington, Manager of the Adelaide Archdiocese Child Protection Unit, has sought creative ideas for a symbol for Child Protection Sunday, preferably a symbol that is also environmental.

Personal - Plenary – Do we have time to listen?

Plenary – Do we have time to listen?The temptation is to find a quiet corner, coffee in hand, and type in my response to the plenary question on my smart phone, sending it sailing into the iCloud heaven, hoping that my voice will sway the bishops to make some change to something I am not happy about. I finish my coffee, and get on with my life. If things don’t change, well, I tried my best to make a contribution, didn’t I? Isn’t that what plenary is all about?

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