Jubilee for Prisoners Parish Resources

Year of Mercy, Holy Father’s Jubilee for Prisoners
Sunday 6 November 2016


Suggestions for Parishes

A: Prayer for Prisoners:

Prayer for Prisoners could be printed on cards, OR on the Parish Notice Sheets.
A separate colour version of the prayer is also available in the resource pack to Dioceses.

God, Our Creator,
We acknowledge our ancestors
and original owners of this land.

Maker and Spirit of earth and all creation
let your love possess our land
and may we share in faith and friendship
and all your gifts.

We pray for all those in our prisons
and those, who through sickness, addictions and other reasons
live in their personal prisons.

We remember and pray for those
who seek to change difficult life stories.

We remember and pray
for the victims of crime on the outside.

We remember and pray
for the countless victims of crime on the inside.

We remember and pray for
the whole criminal justice system
and its processes.

Keep all of us ever mindful of your great love,
so that we may always remember you
as a God of Mercy and forgiveness.

1: Copies of prayer card to be distributed to a) prisoners and b) parishioners
2: Notes to be sent to all parishes for insertion in parish bulletins or newsletters
3: Liturgy resources to be sent to all parishes - list of appropriate hymns and prayer of the faithful
4: Memos regarding the day to be sent to all state and territories ministers and commissioners for corrective services
5: Notes for discussion to be distributed to Parish Groups; eg Parish Pastoral Council, St Vincent de Paul Society, Legion of Mary, Liturgy Team, Choir, Youth Groups, Mothers' groups, Staff of parish schools and other catholic schools in the area
6: Update local clergy through meeting with Deaneries or Zones of Priests.

C: Other ideas:
1: Parishioners could make Christmas cards or biscuits for prisoners (Distributed on Christmas Day. This makes parishioners very aware of prisoners as people.)
2. Prayer groups/individuals pray for individual prisoners (identification and circumstances of prisoners remain private.)

D. Suggestion for Parish Notice Sheets etc:
In this Jubilee Year of Mercy Pope Francis has named Sunday 6th November, 2016 as the day of Jubilee for Prisoners.
We invite all parishioners to join in prayer for all prisoners that they come to know their God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.
May all of us remember the victims of crime and also those victims who became offenders.
We remember also all those who are entrusted with the care of those who are incarcerated, especially our prison Chaplains.

Come As You Are, Trusting Psalm, Glory and Praise, Strong and Constant, The Summons, A Touching Place, Who Will Speak if We Don’t, You are Mine,

F. SUGGESTED MEMO TO: eg Minister for Corrections, Commissioners of Corrections ( in each State/ Territory)
This year of 2016 has been named by Pope Francis as a special Jubilee Year of Mercy.
In the calendar of this Jubilee Year of Mercy Pope Francis has named Sunday 6th November, 2016 as the day of Jubilee for Prisoners.
The Australian Catholic Bishops have written to prisoners informing them of this special day of blessings for them and reminding them that throughout our lives we all experience the ‘ups and downs’ of life. We can all stumble and fall but with help we can all commence again.
We would like you to be aware of this special occasion within the Catholic church, but as is the spirit of Pope Francis, this day is one of recognition of all those who are in prison.
You may like to pass this message of awareness to all your General Managers, / Superintendents/ Governors, prison staff and the residents in our prisons.

Prayer of the Faithful
Dedicated to Prisoners in the Year of Mercy - Holy Father’s Jubilee for Prisoners, 6 November 2016
As we call to mind the need for compassion and care for those in prison in Australia, we offer our prayer to God.

We pray for our Church leaders who in following Christ's example, may be compassionate, welcoming, and hospitable to prisoners, bringing them comfort and assurance .
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for all our political leaders, especially those responsible for prisoners and detainees; May they clearly see their needs and provide for those needs with justice and compassion.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for all who are in prison or detention: that even though surrounded by bars and many restrictions, they receive your grace to know and understand true freedom of spirit.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for all who are in prison or detention: May they understand that they are loved, and on release, find a fulfilling and rewarding life, helped by family, friends and the community.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for the families of prisoners: that they have the strength, patience and care to support their loved ones while in prison, and one day to receive them back into their lives and their homes with love and forgiveness.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for those who work in the prison system, particularly chaplains and pastoral visitors. May they have the clarity of vision and purpose to always put the needs of prisoners first.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We especially pray for those held in juvenile detention: May they experience guidance and loving correction through the care and support of those who are responsible for their well-being.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for ourselves that we don't forget those who are shut away from us and that we always remain aware of our own weakness and be thankful for the guidance and protection we have received.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

We pray for the victims of crime that through a spirit of forgiveness, they will find healing and comfort in their distress.
(Pause) Lord hear us.

Father, your own Son was a prisoner even in his innocence. Grant these prayers through your divine mercy and compassion as we present them in faith to you in the power of the Spirit and the name of Jesus.

Download:  pdf Jubilee for Prisoners parish resources (279 KB)

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