On homelessness

Since the 1960s, the "deinstitutionalisation" of mental hospitals sought to put mental healthcare back into the community.  Over the nearly 60  years since, it is well documented  that the lack of   a commitment and funding to community mental healthcare has created a crisis for those who experience mental illne ss. Poverty affects many of them. Even those on the Disability Support Pension find few rental properties affordable, while those on Newstart Allowance find it is almost impossible to pay for shelter, food and other essentials.

Mental illness is one factor that contributes to the level of homelessness in Australia, with 27% of people who accessed specialist homelessness services in 2016-17 having a current mental health issue.

On homelessness

 Australian Bureau of Stat1st1cs (ABS) Catalogue 3303 0 Cause of Death Australia, 2017 released 1n September 2018
(25) Michaela Wh1tbourn, Mental Illness and Cognitive 01sab1/1ty 'The Norm "Among Pnsoners Sydney Morning Herald August 10th 2017

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