Coeurs (Private Fears in Public Places).

Starring John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson. Directed by Mikael Hafstrom.
Running Time: 104 minutes
Rated: Rated m (moderate supernatural themes and moderate violence, infrequent moderate coarse language).

Stephen King seems to have a thing about hotels, the sinister potential of hotels. This was true of The Shining. It is very much true of 1408. Based on one of his short stories, this is quite eerie and frequently frightening stuff.

John Cusack is a writer, sceptical, very sceptical, who writes books about haunted locations, especially hotels which make claims for ghosts (and tourists). His signature comment to fans is, 'Stay scared'. That is the last thing he is expecting for himself. But, of course, we know that this is what is going to happen.

He responds to a challenge to stay in the haunted room, 1408, (56 deaths have taken place in it), at the Dolphin Hotel in New York. The Manager, Samuel L. Jackson, does his best to persuade him against it.

The film builds up the tension gradually so that we experience menace, anticipation and, then, the real thing with terrifyingly effective special effects. There is a moment when we reach a climax which momentarily seems like an anticlimax and we think, 'is that all there is

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