Centre for Faith Enrichment, Catholic Archdiocese of Perth

Centre for Faith Enrichment: Catholic Archdiocese of PerthExploring questions of life, faith & meaning in Perth & Country WA

Who are they?

The Centre for Faith Enrichment (formerly the Maranatha Centre) is the adult faith  formation agency of the Catholic  Archdiocese  of  Perth.

Who are they for?

The Centre is for anyone seeking to deepen  knowledge of, and enrich their understanding of their faith in an interactive and friendly environment, with no exams or assignments and for those  who are , or wish to become more effectively, involved in parish life…

Pastoral Associates
Pastoral  Workers
Parish Workers
Parish Secretaries
Parish Volunteers

What do they offer?

There is a variety of Courses offered over the four terms each year in such areas as

Church History
Christian Living
Social Justice

Courses will often reflect the Church Liturgical Seasons   as in the recent Lenten times and now the  Easter times.

They are generally for four or six weeks and are offered weekly on Tuesday through to Friday mornings, afternoons  and evenings.

On-Line courses are also available.

Adult Formation programs are also available for presentation in parishes – both city and country .

There are often ‘one-off’  talks  or day workshops scheduled on a weekend.

The Centre for Faith Enrichment is located at :

Newman Siena Centre,
33 Williamstown Road

PH: (08) 92415221
Fax: (08) 921 5225

Email: cfe@perthcatholic .org.au
Web: www.cfe.org.au

[2nd Term Courses and Timetable are available on the Web site]