Y Tu Mama Tambien (And your mother too)

Starring Maribel Verdu, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal.
Running Time: 105 mins
Rated: R
No matter how much hype you hear about "And your mother too" and how many awards we are told it's received, give it a wide berth.

Julio (Bernal) and Tenoch (Luna) have just finished school and are awaiting their results. They come from either side of the Mexican tracks. Julio is off a housing estate, Tenoch is the only son of a wealthy politician. With their girlfriends off to Europe for the summer, they are driven by their lust to ask Luisa (Verdu) to join them on a trip to the beach of Heaven's Mouth. The married Luisa at first declines but, when her life and marriage fall apart, she hits the road with her newfound boyfriends.

From the opening scene of "And you mother too" some viewers will be shocked. The sex scenes are many and explicit, there is drug-taking and very strong language. This film is meant to be a slice-of-life story about boys emerging into manhood. It trades, yet again, on sexual prowess being the sign of this maturation.

What is most galling is that it uses the obscene disparity between rich and poor and the social caste system in Mexico as mere background to this rite-of-passage road film.

"And my mother too" should have won awards for sexual voyeurism and social tourism where human dignity seems to count for very little indeed.

Richard Leonard SJ

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