National Committee for Professional Standards

Fr Tim Brennan msc and Sr Annette Cunliffe rsc / Protection and Prevention Officer: Mrs Narelle McMahon

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National Committee for Professional Standards

Bishops' Delegates
Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Bishop William J Wright

In liaison with
Bishops Commission for Church Ministry

Sr Clare Condon
Bishop Bill Wright

Ms Sue Cain
Sr Moya Hanlen
Mrs Bev Patterson
Mr Peter Rush
Mr Michael Salmon
Archbishop Mark Coleridge

The National Committee for Professional Standards (NCPS) is a joint committee of Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) and the Australian Catholic Bishops.  The committee was established to oversee the development of policies, principles and procedures in responding to Church-related abuse complaints. The committee’s purpose is to ensure pastoral care for victims of sexual and physical abuse by church personnel.

It is responsible for developing professional standards among clergy and Religious.  In recent years the committee has called on outside experts to revise two key documents – Towards Healing and Integrity in Ministry.

Towards Healing sets out the principles that must form the basis of the Church’s response to complaints of abuse and the procedures to be followed in responding to individual complaints. Integrity in Ministry is a resource for those preparing for ministry in the Catholic Church and as a code of conduct and guide for reflection for those already in ministry.

In addition to this committee there are state directors and professional standards and resource groups to advise and assist in matters concerning Church-related abuse.