National Catholic Education Commission

Executive Director: Ms Jacinta Collins

Level 3, 156 Gloucester St
Church Hill NSW 2000

T: (02) 8229 0800
F: (02) 8229 0899

National Catholic Education Commission

Bishops’ Delegates
Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP
Bishop Mark Edwards OMI DD PhD

Bishops Commission for Catholic Education

The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) is commissioned by and responsible to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) through the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education (BCCE) for developing, enunciating and implementing policy at the national level for the Church’s work in Catholic schools.

Education in Catholic schools shall be the major focus of the NCEC’s deliberations and work. NCEC shall maintain active links with other vital aspects of the Church’s educational endeavour, particularly in relation to Catholic children attending state and independent schools, and Catholic tertiary education.


  • Presiding honorary Chair
  • Executive Director
  • Two (2) Bishops
  • Eight (8) Chief Executives of State/Territory Catholic Education Commissions, ex officio
  • A Congregational member selected by BCCE from three (3) nominations forwarded by Catholic Religious Australia
  • A parent selected by BCCE from a nomination forwarded by each State/Territory based parent organisation
  • Two (2) community members appointed by BCCE.

First school established in 1820.
In 2015, there were 1,731 Catholic schools throughout Australia enrolling 764,166 students and employing 91,007 staff. One in five Australian students is educated in a Catholic school.