Active Participation

Active ParticipationThe Second Vatican Council called for a theological and liturgical renewal emphasizing the Church as communion rather than institution. The Council called for a vision of the Church as Sacramental rather than juridical …… This entails a fundamental change in the understanding of how sacred and secular realms relate to one another. It calls the laity out of passivity into active participation in the ministry of the Church, a call inherent in their baptism and in the example of Jesus of Nazareth. (In the Name of the Church: William J. Cahoy p. ix)

The emergence of this particular form of ministry is one manifestation in our day of the abundance of gifts bestowed on the Church by the Spirit for the good of the community and its mission in the world. In putting these gifts to work, lay ecclesial ministers are continuing the ministry of Jesus and participating in the evangelising mission of the Church. (In the Name of the Church: William J. Cahoy p. 211)


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