TURBO. Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph, Michael Pena, Samuel L. Jackson, Luis Guzman, Bill Hader, Snoop Dogg, Ben Schwartz, Richard Jenkins, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez. Directed by David Soren. 96 minutes. Rated G.

Turbo, like Planes which was released the same time, is a film about an unlikely hero. While in Planes, the young crop duster is in a race around the world, Turbo’s ambition is to participate in the Indianapolis 500. And he does. And, like Dusty, he wins. Of course!

The film, however, gives new meaning to the phrase, snail’s pace.

Turbo is a snail. He is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. And he has a very cautious brother, Chet, voiced by Paul Giamatti. He doesn’t encourage his brother to follow his powers for racing (until the finale!).

However, Turbo finds a whole lot of friends who have all kinds of ultra-snail powers. When he comes to Indianapolis, they are there to support him, especially at the pit stops. Needless to say, there is a villain, a human car driver from Canada who gives very pleasant television interviews but, underneath, is a relentless opponent and does dastardly things to turbo during the race.

Turbo also gets a great deal of support from a young Hispanic man, who also has a reluctant brother, who joins with the group at the pits. He is voiced by Michael Pena and, amongst other snails, there is Samuel L. Jackson.

The animation for the races in Indianapolis his very effective. And, for Turbo, there is a great deal of stunt work. The race is dramatic, has some very exciting moments, has an ending with gridlock on the course, a relentless attempt to win by the villain and Turbo having to rely on his snail nature to get himself to the finishing line. An inspiration for us all to be a true selves when we are in competition!.

Not one of the great animation films, but should attract boys’ attention, as well as girls who are fans, and those who will find Turbo very cute.

Fr Peter Malone MSC is an associate of the Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting.
20th Century Fox.

Out September 19, 2013.

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