Paranormal Activity 4

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4. Starring Katie Featherston. Directed by Henry Joost, Ariel Schullman. Rated M (Horror theme, violence and coarse language). 88 mins.

With episode 4, the release of each film has become an annual event.  For the fans, the only problem seems to be that they feel the series is becoming weaker and weaker though some liked this one better than the previous one.  For the rest of us it is, more or less, just more of the same.

Once again, Katie is part of the action, celebrating with her nephew, then abducting him and disappearing.

Then to 2011 and a family story (tensions between mother and father), a teenage daughter and her younger brother.  There is also a mysterious house across the street.  When the mother is taken to hospital, the little boy comes to stay with the family. The two boys bond and play together.

In the meantime, the daughter’s boyfriend seems always in the house, with camera, with computer visual connections.  Plenty of recording going on as we have come to expect.  This is all fairly arbitrary but necessary for this plot.

Then, of course, all kinds of disturbances during the night, mysteries about the little boy’s behaviour, lots of threats and something of a more disastrous ending than we might have anticipated.

The directors of Paranormal Activity 3 are back again.  Box Office has been up to expectations.  Which means that Paranormal Activity will also be back again.

Fr Peter Malone MSC is an associate of the Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting.


Out October 14 2012.

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