GONE. Starring Amanda Seyfried, Dan Sunjata, Wes Bentley, Michael Pare. Directed by Heitor Dhalia. Rated M (Violence and infrequent coarse language). 95 minutes.

Gone is an abduction story.  Amanda Seyfried plays Jill, trying to recover after being abducted two years earlier and escaping from her captor. However, she lives in dread that he will try to take her again.

She is not wrong.  But, he takes her sister instead and then lures back to the deep hole in the forest outside Portland, Oregon, where he had imprisoned Jill before.  Though she has been on suicide watch and having therapy, she takes control of events when she discovers her sister missing.  The police dismiss her claims because of her medical and mental history.

Most of the action takes place over the one day, with Jill’s discovery and then her quite skilful detection work to track down the criminal – the police could take lessons from her!  It all builds up to a climax, of course, with Jill confronting her captor.

It’s a film that would have more impact on its female audience, especially younger women who would identify with Jill, both in her suffering the abduction and in her taking control of her life and the case.

Fr Peter Malone MSC is an associate of the Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting.

Hopscotch Films.

Out February 23 2012.

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