Space Chimps

Starring Brendan Fraser and Josh Huctherson. Directed by Eric Brevig
Running Time: 92mins
Rated: Rated PG (action adventure and some scary scenes)

When a reviewer is surrounded by about sixty children at a press preview, the only thing to do is to surrender to the film and try to pick up the vibes of the children's reactions. After they rightly screamed a bit at the opening nightmare and the prehistoric creatures reaching out towards their 3D glasses, they settled down and quietly and intently enjoyed the film. With some applause at the end.

It seems that the film-makers have read their target audience very well indeed. Children from about 9-14 will probably like the film a lot. Some of the fearsome creatures (with a penchant for huge teeth and snapping jaws) might be a bit much for younger audiences and the older teenagers will be off trying to see Wanted or some such adaptation of a graphic novel. Parents who go with their children will be satisfied that here is an adventure film, a family bonding film, without any crassness to disturb or upset, no icky romance - and bit of science (implausible as it actually is) that might generate its own interest and have some good study after-effect.

Well, it's not exactly crass, but Brendan Fraser's professor does spit his gargle straight at the audience for 3D effect (which did go over well with the young audience) and some of the creatures are also prone to that 3D spitting! When you're on a good thing

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