Super Bad

Starring Jonah Hill, Micahel Cera, Chrostopher Mintz-Plasse. Directed by Greg Mottola
Running Time: 113 mins
Rated: Rated MA 15+ (strong sexual references and crude humour, coarse language)
Yet another comedy about sex-preoccupied high schoolers. It was written by Seth Rogen and Evan when they were very young - and watching American Pie as the epitome of comedy. It's the type of comedy that older teens, if they mature at all, grow out of rather than recycle for a Hollywood movie (which, like Wild Hogs, which Seth and Evan could be in danger of growing into, has brought in big bucks in the US).

It has been produced by Judd Appatow who directed the successful comedies The Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up which combined jokes about sexuality with an underlying moral stance and some touches of niceness. This one, on the other hand, with its young teenage sense of humour and crassness, is strong on the jokes about sexuality (but not with very strong jokes), has no particular niceness and is stuck in some pre-moral stances.

It is not entirely a crass-fest like so many teen comedies. Evan and Seth might be sex-preoccupied and dither as well as make gauche approaches but, lurking in the background, is the potential for some moral sense and judgment ('some', that is, not 'much'). Jonah Hill has some resemblance to Seth Rogen (largish and curly-haired) as Seth. Evan is played very well by the thin, often gawky, Michael Cera. For those who want to make comparisons between Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen, Rogen plays one of the two oddball cops (the other is Bill Hader) who tangle with Evan and Seth and their uber-nerd-like friend, the bespectacled Fogell who calls himself McLovin.

It's all a bit prolonged for anyone wanting post-16 year olds' comedy. It's a kind of combination of American Pie with Police Academy.

Sony Out Now

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