Nancy Drew

Starring Fanny Valette, Frederique Bel, Dany Brillant and Ariane Ascaride. Directed by Emmanuel Mouret
Running Time: 85 minutes
Rated: Rated PG.
David, (Emmanuel Mouret) is a shy, awkward musician who has just moved to Paris. He moves into a flat owned by the slightly dippy Anne (Frederique Bel). They share everything except falling in love. Anne says she cannot live with a flat mate who falls her in love with her. They provide encouragement, advice and consolation for each other as David madly falls in love with his young student, Julia (Fanny Valette) and tries everything to win her heart, and Anne takes up with a mysterious man David never meets.

It is claimed that this film received a standing ovation at last year's Cannes Film Festival. If true, that notoriously picky crowd was being too kind. Change of Address is the slightest of French comedies using every known romantic cliché and all-too obvious slapstick routines.

This film is a case study in why writers should not normally direct their own material, as well as be the star of the show. Filled with word games, the writing works better in French than in English. The lovelorn David plays and teaches the French Horn. Even in English the double entre that follows is as subtle as a sledge hammer. The direction is flat, the production looks cheap and the actors can only do so much with a silly script.

Sharmill Films Out 28 June

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