Michael Clayton

Starring Clive Own, Monica Bellucci. Directed by Michael Davis.
Running Time: 86 mins
Despite every inclination not to and every injunction in my head to loathe this film, I could not help but like it. Certainly, others may not. Even more certainly, many others did not. Having disliked Sin City and, even much more, the two Grindhouse films, Planet Terror and, especially, Death Proof, I was wary of graphic novel adaptations which end up like live cartoons.

As can be gathered instantly, this is a shoot 'em up cartoon. Audiences straying into the cinema or starting the DVD will know immediately whether they will like it or not. Clive Owen (not a great actor for comedy), obligatory black coat, carrot in hand or munching it, comes across a young woman who is about to give birth. She is being pursued by thugs who start a ding-dong shootout. Clive, with one hand on the gun and the other on the carrot, reminds biblically inclined viewers of the refrain, Saul killed his thousands, David his ten thousands (which doesn't sound like a PG section of the books of Samuel). Actually, not all are dead because they have to make their way back to the Mr Big to report what has happened and be ready to meet Clive again. In the meantime, the mother is dead, so Clive has to replace his gun (not the carrot) and pick up baby with the other hand.

This all has a guilty pleasure ironic appeal.

And so it goes. Mr Big is played by Paul Giamatti with all stops out and over the top, exasperated as his henchmen bite the dust and Clive continually frustrates him. But, there is an even Mr Bigger who, it seems, is running a scheme to harvest children for organ supplies, especially to Mr Biggest who is

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