The Wedding Date

Starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney. Directed by Clare Kilner.
Running Time: 89 mins.
Rated: Rated M.
Some films are inconsequential. This one seems inconsequentially inconsequential.

With the popularity of wedding films (Wedding Planners, Singers, Crashers and Big Fat, Best Friend's and Monsoon Weddings), this one has an audience out there. But, at just under 90 minutes and with whole chunks of dialogue that could have been further elaborated to make sense of the characters, their behaviour and their (fairly rapid, given the time frame of the wedding) life-decisions but are missing, this is the least satisfying of the wedding movies.

After a New York opening, the rest of the action takes place in London and the
British countryside.

Debra Messing does her best with an odd part, a capable woman who goes to pieces when going to England for her sister's wedding and, to spite her fiancé of many years who dumped her, hires a male escort for $6,000 to accompany her and falls in and out of love with him. with a number of tantrums along the way. Dermot Mulroney plays the escort as if he were the most charming, sympathetic and moral man in the whole world.

What actually happens is fairly farcical comedy: confessions, angers, chases, punch-ups, kiss and make-up. It is all a bit thin.

Fr Peter Malone MSC is the International President of SIGNIS: the World Association for Catholic Communications and an Associate of the Australian Catholic Film Office.

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