Animation film with the voices of John Fielder and John Cummings. Directed by Francis Glebas.
Running Time: 75 mins
Rated: G

The most challenging audience in the cinema is children. If they're bored they squirm in their seats, start to talk and then call out, "I'm bored' or "When are we going home?'

Piglet's Big Movie will only captivate the youngest children.

Although from Disney this film is a very simple animation film with an accessible story. Piglet's (Fiedler) good works are often overlooked by his closest friends. When he gets lost in a forest, however, Winni the Pooh (Cummings), Owl (Andre Stojka), Kangaroo (Kath Soucie), Eeyore (Peter Cullen), Roo (Nikita Hopkins), Rabbit (Ken Sansom) and Christopher Robin (Tom Wheatley) search for him by using his diary. They go to all his favourite spots. In the process they come to realise how much Piglet has done for each of them.

Piglet's Big Movie contains good lessons about how small is good and that friends should care for, and appreciate, each other. It also has a more complex theme of needing to be needed, which is not the best motivation for friendship.

On an educational level there are misspellings of words like plez, howse, hunny and new words like bestest. I am not convinced we need to encourage these trends.

I saw this film with its target audience and they lasted about half an hour until the squirming started, and then we heard the first "When are we going home?'

Not even Carly Simon singing nursery songs could stop me from asking the same question - to myself.

Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Film Office.

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