The Nugget

Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell.
Directed by Michael Apted.
Running Time: 114 mins
Rated: MA 15+
Jennifer Lopez is quite convincing as a waitress who has a whirlwind courtship, has a daughter, seems to have the happiest and most comfortable of lives, only to discover that her husband is a callous, womanising and brutal rotter. Enough! The film shows her harrowing experience in trying to elude her husband as he tracks her down unscrupulously. Enough! With the help of her loyal friends, she prepares to confront her violent husband and end the pursuit.

While the film is a combination of melodrama and sentiment, many audiences will identify with the situation and the emotional conflicts. Jennifer Lopez herself gives a more restrained performance than might have been anticipated. Billy Campbell is quite effective both in his initial seeming charm and in his ugly obsessions against his wife. Juliette Lewis is JLo's friend. The film was directed with his usual well-crafted style by Michael Apted whose range extends to documentary (the Seven Up series) to spectacular Bond drama (The World is not Enough).

Richard Leonard SJ

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