Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen.
Directed by Jon Polson.
Running Time:
Rated: M
In 1999, Hollywood released an updated remake of the classic Dangerous Liaisons. Nothing necessarily remarkable about that. The difference was that it was set in the teenage world of high school and college in the US. It was called Cruel Intentions. Even audiences who aren't aware of using adult stories for teenage movies will recognise the similarities between Swimfan and Fatal Attraction.

School swimming star, Jesse Bradford, who has a past with drug problems has reformed and is going steady with his nice girlfriend, Shiri Appleby. When he helps newcomer, Erika Christensen (Michael Douglas's daughter in Traffic), open the school locker, he has no idea of the Pandora's box he is opening up. She pursues him to the swimming pool and after that, she becomes more and more deranged and murderous (although she does not boil a rabbit!). This film emphasises some of the more melodramatic aspects of the plot. It is, of course, a moral fable warning men, young and old, to beware because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Richard Leonard SJ

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