Bad Company

Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock. Directed by Joel Schumacher.
Running Time: 118 mins
Rated: M
Bad Company's producer is Jerry Bruckheimer. He is a Hollywood heavyweight with Bonnie & Clyde, Flashdance, Top Gun and Con Air among his hits. He raises serious money for his films and that's what makes this film such a waste of time. Good money after Bad Company.

Kevin Pope (Rock) is an undercover CIA agent in Prague. His mentor is
Gaylord Oakes (Hopkins) a veteran CIA operative. During negotiations with
the Russian mafia for the purchase of a stray nuclear bomb things go wrong
and Pope is killed. Separated at birth and unbeknown to either man, Pope's
identical twin brother Jake Hayes (Rock), an unemployed ticket scalper, is
recruited off the streets of New York to finish the job Pope began.

What is galling about films like Bad Company is how sloppy they are. With
so many people reading and working on the script, why are there so many
gaps? For instance, how many church choirs, before dawn, process through
the streets with incense and banners, singing Gregorian Chant at full voice. They must do so in Prague! Why would the CIA work so hard to train Jake up only for him to completely drop his guard in front of the hotel staff? How is it that while Jake's hotel is under constant CIA surveillance, Kevin's former girlfriend, who is a journalist with CNN, slips in unnoticed?

Why does daylight dawn two hours after Jake is called away from his nighttime dinner engagement? The Czechs must eat later than the Spanish! When the terrorists track down the New York house Jake has called on the hotel phone from Prague, how do they know which one of the two women who
live there to abduct from the street and keep as their hostage? When the
terrorists think they have killed Jake, why would they let their hostage
live? What dumb terrorist would entice the CIA back to home soil in New
York to have the final showdown?

Worst of all even when Jake has a nuclear bomb in his car and is being shot at by the evil men who have killed his brother and other colleagues, he
never loses his loud mouth routine and the streetwise one-liner. No matter
what you throw at him, you can't take New York out of the boy!

Bad Company is a mess, an expensive, beautifully-shot and finely-crafted mess. What was Anthony Hopkins thinking?

Richard Leonard SJ

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