Prayers of Intercession

Prayers for our ecumenical partners, for local churches or for Christian Unity may be included in the Prayers of Intercession at out celebration of Eucharist

Prayers of Intercession for Year A (2014)pdfDownload147.93 KB
Prayers of Intercession for Year B (2015)
Prayers of Intercession for Year C (2013) pdfDownload154.53 KB

Format for an Ecumenical Service

Worshipping Ecumenically: A Guide to Preparing and Evaluating Ecumenical Worship (Victorian Council of Churches' - Faith & Order Commission, March 1998)

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Each year the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity with the World Council of Churches develop a resource for use throughout the world. They urge local churches to adapt it to their own needs. So the Faith and Unity Commission of the National Council of Churches provide resources specifically for use in Australia. These resources may be used throughout the year.

Pontifical Council and WCC Resource

NCCA Resource

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Days of special significance for ecumenism

For churches in Australia

14 February 1788 -Rev Richard Johnstone led the first Christian worship on Australian soil.

22 June 1977 – Inauguration of the Uniting Church in Australia

3 July 1994 – Inauguration of the National Council of Churches in Australia

International significance

3 June – Feast of the Ugandan Anglican and Roman Catholic martyrs

4 November - AustARC Anglican – Roman Catholic Reconciliation

21 November 1964 – Vatican II, Decree on Ecumenism

30 October 1999 – Joint Declaration on Justification

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