What is Auslan?


Auslan is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community. The name Auslan (from Australian sign language) was coined by Trevor Johnston, author of the first Auslan dictionary, in the early 1980s but the language itself is much older. SOURCE Deaf Australia.

What is Deaf Culture?


Culture is a word that describes the way people live, how they communicate and how they organise their group of people. Different people have different cultures. People from other countries have different ways of living. The Deaf Community have their own culture, their own language and their own way of organising themselves.

What is the Definition of Deaf?

2An agreement (1991) between the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and the International Federation of the Hard of Hearing (IFHOH) recognises and respects the right of individuals with a hearing loss ranging from mild to severe to regard themselves as either "deaf" or "hard of hearing". These organisations have endorsed the "deaf" or "hard of hearing" terms. SOURCE: Deaf Australia


Terminology used by Deaf Australia to describe people with different degrees and types of deafness or hearing loss:

  1. Deaf (with a capital D) is used to describe those people who use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to communicate, and identify themselves as members of the signing Deaf community. These people may also identify themselves as "Culturally Deaf." They are more likely to have been born deaf or become deaf early in life, are pre-lingually deaf and use sign language as a primary or preferred communication mode.
  2. deaf (with a small letter, d) is a general term used to describe people who have a physical condition of hearing loss of varying degrees irrespective of which communication mode they use such as Auslan and lip reading for example. SOURCE: Deaf Australia Inc

Read more about Deaf Terminology in Australia here


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