Vatican Recommendations – Easy Read Format

111.There be a main office for the pastoral care and full participation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

62 Each diocese have a priest who uses Auslan and understands the needs of people who are Hard of Hearing

73. Men studying to be priests need to have a special course about the Deaf community and culture and learn about the support needed by Hard of Hearing people.

84. Each diocese have courses about the Catholic faith especially for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who are ministers in their community

95.Each diocese needs to have a list of Catholic churches where Deaf and Hard of Hearing people can join in.

This means having an interpreter, PowerPoint, and working hearing loops.

106.Deaf and Hard of Hearing people be invited to join church planning groups.


7.Creation of a national website for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Catholic Pastoral ministers

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