For many families, baptism is the beginning of the faith journey for their child. Parents may have a strong desire to seek baptism for their child, but because of different circumstances or medical challenges, they may feel uncertain or cautious about requesting baptism. This is a time when parishes can offer a sincere welcome and assurance that the local parish community loves, supports and welcomes the child.

Preparing for the reception of a sacrament may provide an opportunity to link the family into existing parish and school networks and groups.

Some parents may wish to deepen their learning about their faith and their relationship with God so they can fully support their child in the journey of faith. This might be a time where the diocese or parish could invite the parents to faith education and formation groups.

When older children or adults with disability come forward seeking initiation into the Catholic community, parishes need to be aware of the trained personnel, resources and programmes available to them.

Some people may have questions about their faith and the sacraments. People with disability or their families may feel hesitant about expressing their concerns or asking specific questions. It is vital that parishes are places where people feel comfortable asking questions about any aspect of their faith journey.

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