Hot Button Issues


Purpose: To facilitate understanding of the issues through focused discussion, education and questioning. To listen to what might be stumbling blocks to communicating the Church’s messages on these hot media topics. 

Outcome: Deliver clear messaging on the issues, calls to action and identify Catholic sources of reference and resources about each hot button issue. Through plenary feedback, a panel discussion and outcome of breakout groups, ACBC staff will consider and follow-up on the actions and recommendations. 

A one-page flyer has been prepared about each issue stating the Church’s position, current messaging and resources. Each issue listed below hyperlinks to the one-page flyer. The flyer is also included in each delegate bag.

Discussion Sessions

Hot button issues


Family (PDF)


Euthanasia (PDF)


Migrants and Refugees (PDF)


Overseas Aid (PDF)


God's Creation - The Environment (PDF)


Religious Tolerance (PDF)

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