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Bishops' Delegate
Bishop Bishop Les Tomlinson

Bishops Commission for Church Ministry

Australian Catholic Council for Lay Pastoral Ministry (ACCLPM) current members are:
Sr. Philomena Burrell PBVM
Mr Greg Byrne
Mrs Heather Carey
Sr. Kari Hatherell osu (Chair)
Mrs Kathleen Lillis
Mr Richard McMahon (Deputy Chair)
Fr Mark Freeman
Mrs Christine O’Halloran

Mandate of the Australian Catholic Council for Lay Pastoral Ministry, 2012.
This advisory body to the ACBC Commission for Church Ministry supports, promotes and provides education and accreditation for lay people who see pastoral ministry as their vocation — whether paid or voluntary. (Lay Pastoral Ministers are defined as pastoral leaders; lay ecclesial ministers; pastoral associates; diocesan pastoral workers; youth workers; lay chaplains, sacramental coordinators and other specialists in parish-based ministry).
[Lay people engaged in liturgical ministry on an ad hoc or weekly basis, say, are not represented by this body. (e.g. Liturgical ministers such as acolytes, lectors; ministers of the word; organists, sacristans].

Areas of Responsibility:
1. To support Lay Pastoral Ministers in their service to our Church:
    a. by developing policies concerning the continuing education, formation, pastoral care and support of Lay Pastoral Ministers;
    b. by developing a network of resource personnel with expertise in spirituality, theology, Scripture, pastoral formation, 
        psychology, anthropology and social analysis;
    c. by supporting gatherings of Lay Pastoral Ministers at regional, diocesan, state and national level;
    d. by co-ordinating the sharing of information and resources (eg national newsletter, blogs, teleconferencing); and
    e. by co-ordinating the organisation of the Triennial National Conference.

2. To assist lay pastoral ministers with accreditation and employment relations:
    a. by liaising with CCER to ensure just employment guidelines and conditions and appropriate understanding and coverage of
        OH&S policies;
    b. by liaising with Diocesan bodies/agencies that have responsibility for employment and accreditation policies with regard to
        Lay Pastoral Ministers; and
    c.  by developing and maintaining appropriate accreditation criteria and processes for Lay Pastoral Ministers that can then be 
        recommended for implementation in the dioceses.

3. To promote the role and value of Lay Pastoral Ministers:
    a. by promoting the value of this ministry to clergy and laity through the advisory status of this Body;
    b. by promoting collaboration with clergy and arranging meetings with Australian Catholic Council for Clergy Life and Ministry;
    c. by promoting liaison with those bodies who can assist in formation of lay pastoral ministers e.g. Broken Bay Institute;
        Australian Catholic University; and
    d. by publishing material on this vocation of lay pastoral ministry which is available in the languages of the parish

Number of Members:
Ten (10), which includes one Bishop from the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry; one priest; and eight lay pastoral ministers, one representative coming from each province and three members selected for their specific expertise and skill set while keeping in mind an appropriate gender balance.

Appointment of Members:
Bishop nominated by the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry.
Priest appointment will be made from the Australian Catholic Council for Clergy Life and Ministry membership, if practicable.
Other positions will be chosen on the basis of expertise and experience and will show a balance in terms of gender, lay and religious and geographical representation. All appointments to the Council are for three years with each member being eligible for a second term.

Appointment of Executive:
A Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Secretary are appointed by the
Commission for Church Ministry on recommendation from the Council, for a
three year team.

Frequency and Place of Meetings:
This body meets for four face to face meetings each year with the executive communicating by teleconference in the interim.

Administrative and other Support:
Administrative support is provided by the Secretariat for the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry. This may include use of national database for emailing; graphic design, printing and posting of flyers/newsletters. Airfares, accommodation and meals together during the four face to face annual council meetings are financed by the ACBC.

Nominations to membership of the Council
Nominations are made by the bishop of an Arch/diocese. The final appointments are made by the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry.










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