Mary Louise Walsh ISSM, Diocese of Parramatta

Mary Louise Walsh ISSM, Diocese of ParramattaMary Louise Walsh ISSM, Diocese of Parramatta, Office for Worship

Through my baptismal calling, in fact through each person, we cannot or may not be people who sit on the sidelines. According to our gifts, to our abilities we play an integral part in evangelisation. I am in the position where through my role of offering formation I can directly encourage and support those in lay pastoral ministry.

Within my role there has been a great support. There is a positive sense of fellowship that helps me and sometimes carries me through the difficulties.

Recognising there is so much that could be done in one of the most challenging aspects of the role– but God has only given us 24 hours in one day. Good organisation is essential but also finding the balance of finding time for myself. Learning to say no – and knowing it is okay. 

There are many joyful experiences in my role but if I were to narrow it I would have to say it is deeply moving for me, when I experience the enthusiasm people have about their involvement and what I would call ownership of their own faith and their own parish.  



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